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What we do

GRD Gutter Cleaning offers professional roof gutter cleaning and gutter guards to commercial and residential premises across a wide area. We use innovative equipment to clear your gutters and downpipes of potentially damaging debris and build up.


Safety is our highest priority

Our work is fully insured. All of our gutter cleaners are height safety certified and have received comprehensive training. This ensures the highest levels of safety for our Newcastle gutter cleaning team members while protecting our clients and their properties.


Satisfaction guarantee

We work hard for your business and endeavour to keep each of our customers happy. Our gutter cleaning experts pride themselves on completing all jobs to the highest standards. Additionally, we offer free before and after photos upon request.


Big Job? Small Job?

It doesn’t matter! We have the tools and experience necessary. GRD provide gutter cleaning and gutter guard services to all domestic and commercial properties in and around the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley & Port Stephens areas.

A Complete Range of Gutter Services

At GRD Gutter Cleaning, we offer high-quality gutter guard installation, made from powder-coated steel or aluminium. Our product is manufactured in Australia by BlueScope Steel and is available in a large range of Colorbond® colours. These are the highest quality gutter protection systems available.

Not only does our gutter cleaning and gutter guard mesh prevent damage from fires caused by trapped leaves, but they also prevent water damage from gutters that are blocked by trapped debris. We help you protect your biggest asset – your home!

We offer free before and after photos so you can see the quality of our work without having to climb onto your roof. It can be difficult to judge how much work was truly needed, which is why we make it easier for you to understand the scope of the job.

Multi-story & difficult access is also catered for. We currently carry out work on buildings of all shapes and sizes, including private houses, body corporate, Government buildings such as the Department of Education, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance stations, nursing homes, warehouses, factories and council buildings. For our clients in the strata and real estate industries, our gutter cleaning focus is on providing a service that is fast, reliable, efficient and requires minimal management on the part of the strata manager or real estate agent. Your clients are our clients and our endeavour is for the professionalism of our service to reflect back on you.

GRD Gutter Cleaning offer a free Reminder Service to help our clients manage their programmed maintenance requirements. When our work is complete, we can recommend a gutter cleaning frequency to suit your property. When your gutters are due to be cleaned again, we will simply send you this reminder via email or phone. Regular gutter cleaning is usually forgotten until it’s too late. The common scenario: the rain is overflowing the gutters and possibly running into the eaves causing water damage in the roof and ceiling. To prevent this we recommend a clean of the gutters should be done on a regular schedule according to the needs of the property.

Visit our Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guard pages for more detailed information.


With years of experience in the industry, you can be confident that you will get the best results possible - every time! We service all of Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter. We are fully insured, and can provide our certificates of currency for Public Liability and Workers Compensation, and have a detailed Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) that complies with Australian Standards.

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The Importance of Gutter Cleaning Services

Reducing the Risk of House Fires

Leaves and debris in your gutters can easily be ignited by small embers from fires. Bushfires are seen as the biggest fire risk in Australia; however, small fires from BBQs and firepits can release embers that are dangerous to homes if the gutters are full of flammable debris such as dry leaves.

Minimising Water Damage

With a properly cleaned and maintained gutter system, rainwater will travel off the roof and into the gutter where it is channelled into a downpipe and safely removed. If the gutter is blocked, water can overflow into the roof, causing extensive damage and hazardous mould growth.

Damaged Gutters will Rot Away

Gutters are not designed to hold water and debris for long periods. Eventually, they will rust and rot away, allowing water to damage fascia and other structures. Weight can distort gutters over time, ceasing the natural flow of water and needing an expensive replacement. The best option is to get your gutters professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

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