Professional Gutter Guard Installation on a Steep Tile Roof – Eleebana NSW

This home in Eleebana NSW has got in early this fire season in protecting their gutters with GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle. Being near bushland, the leaves can easily blow onto the roof and settle in the gutters. Along with blocking up gutters, dry leaves can pose a fire risk when there are stray embers.

This house was a double story with a steep incline roof, so safety was a priority. As you can see in the photo’s scaffolding was used to provide a safe platform to fit off the gutter guard. The gutter guard colour was also chosen to match the colour of the tiles, blending in seamlessly.

For professional results like this, call GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle to arrange your gutter guard assessment. Check out our gutter guard page for more information on our product.

Page Modified: 02/09/2023

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