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Are you looking for the ideal pressure cleaning Newcastle service? Look no further because GRD has your external pressure cleaning and soft washing needs covered. We cover all exterior home cleaning and commercial exterior cleaning. From concrete driveway cleaning to roof washing, we wash your house from the ground up.

We provide our pressure washing Newcastle service to all areas in and around Newcastle, including Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Charlestown & Port Stephens and their surrounding areas.

We have special cleaning equipment to give the outside of your home a thorough but gentle clean. GRD utilise the most effective methods of exterior cleaning, and uses only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. The methods we use include both high pressure cleaning or pressure washing, and also soft washing or soft wash procedures.

GRD provide a number of helpful exterior services. See which other services you can benefit from today.

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What’s the difference between Pressure Cleaning and Soft Washing?

Our pressure washing Newcastle service and soft washing services are two techniques we use to clean the exterior of buildings and surfaces.

Pressure cleaning, also known as pressure washing, uses high-pressure water to blast away dirt, grime, and other debris from the surface being cleaned. This method is effective at removing tough stains and used on surfaces such as concrete driveways and sidewalks, as well as the exterior of buildings.

The process of soft washing involves using a combination of water and specialised cleaning solutions to gently cleanse delicate surfaces like painted walls, timbers, and signage. It uses less pressure than pressure cleaning. For example, soft washing can remove the green algae that often grows on roofs and walls. It’s also effective at removing mould and other types of bacteria that can damage surfaces.

Pressure cleaning and soft washing are both good ways to clean the outside of buildings and surfaces. The right method depends on the surface and on how much cleaning it needs. It’s important to practice good safety when using these techniques to ensure the safety of the user, the surface and the surrounding environment.

GRD Newcastle will determine the best method of washing to give you the ultimate clean while keeping your investment in great condition.

House Washing Newcastle

GRD are the house washing Newcastle experts. External house cleaning can be a hassle for many people who are short on time, or just don’t have the right equipment. GRD is your locally known professional external house washing Newcastle service. When cleaning, we take care of your home and treat it as if it were our own.

Upon inspection of your property, we’ll decide the best methods of cleaning for your concrete driveways, walls, gutters, and roof. Mostly, outside house cleaning is done with the soft wash method. We use a gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning solution with our soft wash, while making sure not to damage any paintwork or surfaces. A simple exterior house wash will restore the brilliant looks of your home, even increasing its value to potential buyers.

Concrete Driveway Cleaning Newcastle

Concrete driveway cleaning is another job that can instantly lift the look of your home. Traditionally, pressure washing works the best on hard concrete surfaces. However, it’s not always as simple as a pressure clean. Sometimes driveways are coated with durable concrete sealers or paints. If cleaned with the wrong technique, these coatings can become damaged and dislodged. We will ensure your driveway gets the right treatment to bring it back to life. Save time and use GRD for your Concrete Driveway Cleaning in Newcastle.

If you’re looking for exterior house cleaning prices in Newcastle, contact us at GRD to book your obligation free quote today.

Commercial Building Washing Newcastle

Commercial building washing is an essential part of business. Regular commercial building exterior cleaning keeps your businesses presentation looking fresh and professional. This makes your business the favoured choice for your clients to visit.

GRD is Newcastle’s trusted choice for reliable commercial building exterior cleaning services. Do you have large carparks that require cleaning? GRD has the right equipment to get it done swiftly. Does your building have tall walls and windows that are hard to reach? GRD has the proper commercial building washing machinery and safety practices to make it sparkle again. Do you have delicate signage that needs proper cleaning care? GRD will provide a commercial soft wash second to none, refreshing the look of your business.

We have all the proper safety equipment and public liability insurances to give you peace of mind with our service. Our commercial building exterior cleaning process will have minimal impact on your business trading, keeping you and your customers safe.

Don’t delay with your exterior building cleaning. Give your business site the clean it deserves with GRD’s trusted commercial exterior cleaning services. Contact us over the phone or via the Quote button today.

Page Updated: 14/05/2024

GRD Service Add-ons

Whether it’s around your home or commercial site, we offer our clients additional services to go along with your Gutter Clean or New Gutter Guard. Here at GRD, we want to give you the advantage and convenience of getting more done while we are already on your property. Ask us about any of our services above.



Solar Panel Cleaning is one of the top ways you can maintain your solar panel investment. GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle offers it’s professional Solar Panel Cleaning services and experience in cleaning solar panel systems on residential homes, strata, government buildings and commercial properties in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Charlestown & Port Stephens.

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