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Top Quality GRD Gutter Cleaning – Roof Screw Replacement Newcastle. Have you had the screws on your metal roof checked recently? GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle provides you a professional metal roof screw replacement service, specialising in domestic and commercial roof screw replacement. Rusting roof screws can cause costly roof leaks and the replacement of roofing sheets. Don’t overlook the benefits of replacing rusted roof screws. The cost to replace screws on a metal roof can save you thousands of dollars in water damages and roof repairs.

Replacing Rusted Roof Screws with GRD

Fortunately, modern roofing screws have excellent protection against corrosion, offering you years of worry-free service with advanced corrosion-resistant coating technologies. Different classes of screws, depending on the area you live in, will determine the best screws to use. This includes modern Colorbond screws offering superior protection. GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle will inspect your roofing screws when we carry out any of our other roof or gutter services.

Metal Roof Screw Replacement Cost

Are you looking for metal roof screw replacement costs or comparing prices? GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle has you covered. We are professionals at metal roof screw replacement, and will happily provide you with a free and friendly assessment and quote for replacing your rusted roof screws. 

We provide our domestic and commercial roof screw replacement service to all areas in Newcastle, including Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Charlestown & Port Stephens.

When Should You Worry About Replacing Rusted Roof Screws?

As roof screws get older, the anti-corrosion coating may weather off and rust. In the beginning stages, the screw heads will develop surface rust, which can sometimes be difficult to spot from the ground. When should you worry about replacing rusted roof screws? It’s at this stage we recommend the screws are replaced, before the rust advances too far. 

As the rust progresses through the screw, it will become visibly red-brown with rust stains beginning to appear on the roof. If left for too long, the rust then continues into the metal roof sheets, potentially leaving pits and holes around your screws. By this time, costly roof leaks start to occur and roof sheets require replacement.

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GRD Service Add-ons

Whether it’s around your home or commercial site, we offer our clients additional services to go along with your Gutter Clean or New Gutter Guard. Here at GRD, we want to give you the advantage and convenience of getting more done while we are already on your property. Ask us about any of our services above.



At GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle, we are professionals at roof screw replacement. We have the experience and knowledge to provide residential, commercial and strata property owners with the best quality of service when it comes to metal roof screw replacement. We are attentive to detail, and focused on safe, high quality work with safety checks that surpass industry requirements.

Get in touch with us if you require further information for metal roofing screw replacment or request a free quote. We care for all areas in and around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Charlestown & Port Stephens.

In the beginning stages, the screw heads will start to surface rust which can sometimes be difficult to spot from the ground. It’s at this stage we recommend the screws should be replaced before the rust advances too far.

We recommend every 5 years. Particularly if your roofing screws are old or getting older, they will be more likely to start rusting as the anti-corrosion coating weathers off. Newer modern screws should still be inspected for good measure.

Roofing screw replacement prices will vary as each roof is unique. Depending on the size of the roof and the corrosion zone you live in will affect the price and screws used. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and arrange a free assessment of your roof.

There are many types of roofing screws. Beginning with different classes of corrosion resistance for the different corrosion zones.

  • Catagory 3: Mild & Moderate Marine. From 1km to 10km inland from ocean front with significant salt spray. Can be extended up to 50km inland with prevailing winds and local conditions.
  • Catagory 4: Severe Marine. From 400m to 1km inland of rough sea or surf beaches.
  • Catagory 5: Very Severe Marine. Within 400m of rough seas or surf beaches, but outside the ocean spray zone.

Depending on your location, the class of screw used can affect the cost of the screw replacement. We will assess and determine the best screw to use for your unique situation.


GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle install certified anchor points to roofs. Our technicians provide free consultations, recommending roof anchor points that meet Australian safety compliance requirements.

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