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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Top Quality GRD Gutter Cleaning – Solar Panel Bird Proofing Newcastle. Do you have birds nesting under your solar panels? GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle are the specialists in solar panel bird proofing solutions. We use only high quality black PVC coated stainless steel welded mesh. Installing solar panel bird proofing mesh keeps out birds, vermin, stray leaves and twigs from trees. Solar panels make great electricity return investments, however birds and vermin can negatively impact those returns.

Birds and vermin nesting under your solar panels leave behind nests. Grass and leaves underneath can create potential fire hazards. If birds are frequently visiting, they’re also leaving behind their unsightly droppings on your roof and solar panels decreasing their efficiency. If vermin are nesting, they can chew through wires disabling your solar panel system leading to costly repairs.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Mesh Services

GRD Gutter Cleaning  Newcastle are professionals at installing Solar Panel Bird Proofing mesh. By keeping them out, you’re protecting your solar panel investment and ensuring you get the proper efficiency. Minimise bird droppings on the solar panels while keeping the roof looking great. Before installation we recommend that we inspect and clean your solar panels removing existing leaves, twigs, debris and bird droppings.

Looking to compare GRD Gutter Cleaning – Solar Panel Bird Proofing Newcastle prices? GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle provides a solar panel bird proofing installation cost and a free roof inspection service with each quote. You can trust our technical experts to assess the solar panel system before they install the bird proofing to best meet your requirements. Each service comes with before and after photos for you to inspect.



At GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle, we are professional installers of solar panel bird proofing mesh products, solar panel cleaners, roof washers, gutter cleaners, gutter guard installers and maintenance people with great attention to detail.

Get in touch with us if you require further information for solar panel bird proofing mesh installation or request a free quote. We care for Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Charlestown & Port Stephens.

Installing Solar Panel Bird Proofing mesh is another step in keeping your solar investment working its best and looking great for longer. If you have existing bird issues now we can help stop them nesting. Even if you haven’t got nests yet, it’s best to be prepared before they start nesting.

Yes. A properly installed solar panel bird proofing system will keep them out, along with any other stray leaves and twigs from nearby trees.

We have a 6 year warranty on all our mesh and fasteners. However the product is known to last longer than the warranty period. We back all our products and provide professional advice for each unique circumstance.

Yes. Our solar panel bird proofing mesh only comes in a Black PVC coated stainless steel wire mesh. The black coating along with the stainless steel provides excellent longevity in our harsh Australian environment whilst looking great with all types and colour roofs.


Solar Panel Cleaning is one of the top ways you can maintain your solar panel investment. GRD Gutter Cleaning Newcastle offers it’s professional Solar Panel Cleaning services and experience in cleaning solar panel systems on residential homes, strata, government buildings and commercial properties in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Charlestown & Port Stephens.

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